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  • Workshop on SBT, Barnaul, online 20.12.2020​

  • EuroWorkS on Air I, Eurasia, online 25.05.2021

“Harvesting technologies and processing of Seabuckthorn” 25.05.2021

Meeting was held online. 
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Physiological conditions of the seabuckthorn harvesting by cutting branches

Andrejs Bruvelis, Latvia

Does the consumer know seabuckthorn

Nikos Doukas, Greece

Prospects of seabuckthorn mechanical harvesting in Russia

Yury Zubarev, Russia

Harvesting Seabuckthorn by cutting method in Finland

Sanna Kauppinen, Finland

Tocopherol and tocotrienol contents in the sea buckthorn berry beverages in Baltic countries: Impact of the cultivar

Dalija Seglina, Latvia

The experience of Altayvitaminy company at Processing of Seabuckthorn

Evgeniy Batashov, Russia

Justification of complex processing of organic mass of seabuckthorn in Kaliningrad region

Stanislaw Vorontzov, Russia

Welcome and introduction

Jörg-Thomas Mörsel, Germany

Summary and closing

Yury Zubarev, Russia

Barnaul, December 15th 2020

Workshop on Seabuckthorn

Main Topic: Actual themes on Seabuckthorn.

Conference language: Russian

Потенциал селекционной работы по облепихе в НИИСС Имени М.А.Лисавенко


Dr. Yury A. Zubarev

Перспективы облепиховой отрасли в Германии


Dr. Jörg-thomas Mörsel

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