Human society on Earth face enormouse problems to solve – Peace, nutrtion, water, education, environment – WE need to use our brains to support this  – now, here, anywhere and everytime

Welcome To

EuroWorkS 2024

About our mission

World is changing.  Modern media makes it possible to meet, discuss just in time news on all interesting question.

After a period of online-only-meetings we like to invite specialists and experts from Europe as well as from the whole seabuckthorn society to join our meeting in Pruszkow – Euroworks 2024.

We are proud to organize this event in close so-operation with ISA – International Seabuckthorn Association who will held board meeting aside the meeting.

Our Goals

To offer a free forum for all who are interested in Seabuckthorn

Study Nature, Love Nature

Seabuckthorn is a unique plant. With great advantages and an amazing history.

People are learning from nature

Seabuckthorn is a source of knowledge and experience. Generations learned and understood to use. We need to preserve this cultural good. 

Let's speak and do

we meet to speak and to discuss. But most of us then go to field and shop to bring it to life.

Gaius Plinius Secundus, 77 AD

Historia naturalis

Hippophaes in sabulosis maritimisques, spinis albis, hederae modo racemosa est, candidis, ex parte rubentibus acinis, radix suco madet qui aut per se conditur aut pastillis farinae ervi.