About Us

Seabuckthorn people

The passion in orange connects us

For more than 20 years Seabuckthorn enthusiasts meets to exchange their knowledge

The first ISA meeting was held 2003 in Berlin. Followed by bi-anual meetings, so we met in Beijing, Quebeck, Belokurika, Xinging, Berlin, Delhi, Taiyuan….

During this time regional meetings were roganised in many regions. Under Sanddorn e.V. leadership 2010 EuroWorkS (European Workshop on Seabuckthorn) first held in Potsdam. Follwed by meetings in Vilnius, Naantali, Riga, Pruszkow

Time changed the surronding conditons and we decided to add a new format – Meetings in a virtual world.

On following pages find the aannounced meetings, circulars, contact forms and much more.

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